Sunday, November 7, 2010



You shiver your cold, you cover your naked soul, 
and I fear for the good in you.
So I undress here in front of you, clearly showing that my
soul is naked too

Your crying, spilling out your bleeding heart,
with these words you spin a tale of bitter dreams,
hopes that vanished only to leave you here with ruined schemes.

In simple attempt to comfort you I share my dreams of broken tunes,
a sullen symphony of malevolent boons.
In a moment of reflection I turn to you to speak of hopeless truths,
no words could make this feeling go away, so in desperation I make amends.

My past intentions were to push you from the edge in foolish rage.
To bring you here to the core of your soul,
to help you realize the mistake you’ve made.
To tell you now your evil is true,
  and know this now I’m a monster too.

Ole Morten Støbakk

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