Saturday, January 30, 2010


Dedicated to: Connie Malen Moen

I flowered my bliss with the reflection of your smile
i drowned my sorrow in the gaze of your eyes
With your hand you lift me to the sky
but now that your gone my soul seems to die

I try to keep these feelings out
but the harder i try i just start to cry
For every tear that drops from my eyes
i know that with you i shall forever be proud.

You took my hand and led me to light
and you dropped it and left me in doubt
I sat all alone and wondered why
you left me alone in the blistering cold.

But now that i realize that you will never be mine
I'm telling myself that it's not worth the try
I still keep on shining in your glittering smile
wondering how i could ever make you mine.

But if i ever could feel just a glint of your love
i would keep it forever in the warmth of my soul
To hold on to a feeling that would make me fly
i know that for this i would gladly die.

After all these years my feelings to day
would change in an instant if i saw you again
Because i can't see the answer to a question that drives me away
Would i have ever known love if i never meet you that day.

Ole Morten Støbakk

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